That Damn Genie Pt V

“Listen you fucking pervert,” Jennifer said angrily, “You stole my identity, you forced me to live as a high school teenage guy for two months, and I can guarantee you’ve invaded my privacy by looking at my body naked, but I will NEVER have sex with ANYONE who made me deal with so much pain. Especially when I’m twenty two and you’re fifteen!” Carlos could only stare at his own body, mesmerized by Jennifer’s vicious tone of anger. When he tried to speak, he could only produce stutters of sound from his (or in actuality, Jennifer’s) mouth. After staring at his old anger-fueled eyes, he found the words to say to his unfortunate victim.

“Well technically speaking,” he said, “I’m twenty two and you’re fifteen, at least with the current bodies we’re in. I know you may think that I’m some sort of evil person who wants to take your life as my own, but that wasn’t my intention. When I found the genie from the lamp, I wished that I was able to have sex with you by being ‘up close and personal’, but she twisted my words and switched our bodies. I thought she also made it so I was the only one who knew about this, so I figured if you knew about it as well, that you would contact me. After a while, I thought you didn’t so I had no choice but to live your life. In my old life, I was never confident in myself about anything, and I just wanted to be respected for who I am, which is what I can do now that I’m in your body. And I just don’t want to lose this.” Carlos grabbed the lamp and rubbed it, summoning the genie once more. “Genie! For my last wish, I wish that this person’s body next to me will age ten more years!”

“Your wish has been granted,” the genie said as blue smoke surrounded the real Jennifer. When the smoke gave way, a naked and attractive twenty five year old guy looked at the genie, confused as the genie dissolved back into the lamp. Carlos couldn’t help but feel attracted to his older body. Jennifer’s hormones soon took over his mind, and stripped off all of his clothes.

“You son of a bitch,” Jennifer said, “You lied to me about the genie not granting any more wishes, and you think making your body older will change my mind about fucking you? Especially in my body?”

“Your hormones are making me want you,” Carlos said seductively, “So my hormones should make you want me, right?” Jennifer felt her male part growing harder by her old voice, and couldn’t help but appreciate her thief’s cunning persistence. She felt helpless as she watched Carlos grabbed her cock, stroking it back and forth, releasing all sorts of pleasure from it.

“Alright kid,” she moaned, “You win. I tried but you’re just so damn good at this! Are you proud of yourself now?”

“Yes!” Carlos said in excitement as Jennifer cummed all over his hand. The swapped pair had no trouble sleeping after a long night of fun in each other’s bodies.


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