Ultimate App: Going up on the social ladder

“Isn´t this the coolest ever? I can make my body look like anyone. Bob, watch this!”, Harry said and pressed the touchscreen on his phone.
Harry instantly morphed from his previous form as an bodybuilder to the more slender form of the head cheerleader of their school, Danielle Meyers.

“Whoa dude! You totally looks like Danielle!”

“I know”, Harry said with a wide smile, a feminine voice escaping his lips.

“You know what woul raise our status in school? Hot dates”, Bob said, having an epiphany.

Harry pondered on what his friend just had said. “Sooo, one of us will be the date of the other?”

“Yeah! Exactly!”, he nodded his head up and down vigourosly. “But no one from school”, he added.

“Good thinking”. Harry pressed the touchscreen a couple more times. “How about…..this!”, he said as he pressed the Execute-button in the Ultimate App.
This time his body morphed to a blonde curvy girl with a generous cleavage and tight clothes.

“Whoa dude! You look banging! Who is she?”

“Some girl from the west coast. Saw her on facebook once and saved her profile. Finally I had use for it”, he spoke with a high voice.


Harry admired his body in the mirror. She looked even hotter in real life.
“Come on!”, she grabbed Bob`s arm and dragged him towards the door.


“Come on, dummy. I need to give this body a test drive and get comfortable before we go dating”.

“Oh, right. Where to?”

“The mall. I need a wardrobe”

“Go figure. A girl for less than two minutes and you want to go clothes shopping already”


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