Thanks Uncle

it was a great saturday morning for me, it was the time for jobs which sucked because i needed one or else my parents wont let me live in their house because i just graduated from college. as usual i walk downstairs, go to the kitchen and grab some fruit loops from the cabinet, i ate my cereal because I was always hungry because of myself always growing.

when i finished eating i walk back upstairs and quickly get dressed because i hate going into he public with my anime pajamas. I brush my teeth then head downstairs and write a quick note to my parents saying ill be gone for a long time searching for a job. i open the door and i see a black box on the ground that had my name on it, tim.

I pick it up then sighed then went back inside to the table, i open the box and i see two things, one was a letter that said to tim from uncle, and the other was a blue ring with a white line in the middle going around the whole ring. i read the note to myself and it was fullof bullshit becauseit said that it had magical powers, i put it on anyways because it did look cool. i walk back ouside to my car after locking the door, i drive off to taco bell first because they were giving jobs away.

when i get there i walk in there and walk to thhe cash register and told the lady that i was here for the open job. she gave me a form that had a bunch of questions that i was told o answer then hand back. she gave me a pen then i quickly answered all of the questions then hand the paper back to her. she told me that they will tell me if i get the job on email, i left taco bell then went to the mall because macys had a job opening.

when i arrive at the mall and walk in and find macys so i walk inside and walk to a person unloading. i asked him about the job and he asked me a few questions then asked my email, i gave him my email then left. as i was leaving i wasnt looking and i bumped into an employee who had glass stuff to display shoes. when they heard the crash i felt like i wanted to disapear then my ring shined bright blue.

I suddenly was turning blue, i was confused at first but when the guy stood up and looked around it was really true, this ring was magical. i run out of macys to a bench then think about being a ghost, i turn white as the ring shined white. i think about flying then slowly i lifted off the ground, this was cool, who needs a car when you can fly. if i was a ghost i could do many things, especially naughty ones, i fly to the parking lot looking for someone and i see a hot ass chick with another hot ass chick walking to the car.

if my uncle was right, i was able to possess people, also ther ability to fly, walk on water, control water, turn invisible, and turn into a ghost. i fly at the huge titied girl with the green crop top then keep walking with the other girl. i enter the car that girl went in and she turned on the car then drove off.

i had the power to control water this is my chance, i think about the water in her cup of water, i see it drizzle down like i told it to do. i make it go the jeans, i made the water go up her butt, the girl driving started to moan trying to continue to drive. i made the water go to her brain then i made her drive to this girls house, 5 minutes later we arrive at a house. i kiss the girl in the drivers seat as i was groping her breasts, now i couldnt wait.

i grab the keys then run up to the door and open it, i commanded her to drive to her house then i stopped controlling the water. i run to a room and suprise suprise, it was a bedroom, i went up to the mirror on the closet sliding door then began to touch my face. i turn around and felt my ass, i slowly pull down my tight skinny jeans as putple started to show. when i took off my jeads i turned around again and jumped, her butt jiggled a little.

i licked my lips and jumped again as her butt was jiggling, but that wasnt the only thing going up and down. i grab her crop top and pull it up seeing the bounciest tits i ever seen, it got fun i did that laughing because it was fun. i took the top off and i saw her nipples, i guess this girl didnt wear a bra. i slide off her purple panties and toss it aside. i jumped on the bed and i was masturbating to the max with my fingers, i thought about how jiggly these sexual parts were.

i feel wetness but not the cum sensation i wanted so i knew it might take long, i felt wetness on some of my fingers because i bet i was get wet. i think about the porn comics i read then i felt the pressure build up but not enough. it was like the verge where i had to push enable to cum so i use one of my hands to make my other hand to faster. when i felt something that wanted to go out i quicky keep fingering myself until i couldnt hold back. cum full thrust came out and it felt different than a boy, my pussy was twitching because it was really tired.

since my pussy was unable to be played with, onto the next thing, boobs. i held up each tit and man oh man they were havy, no wonder she didnt wear a bra, it would hurt her back. i pull up my tit then began to lick the nipple, i felt some pleasure and it felt nice. i slurped it too hard and salavia came down my boob making a wet line noticable, now onto the other tit, i used a little bit more tongue so more salavia came out. i wonder what it felt like pinching a girls nipple so i pinch both nipples then extend them, my body shaked as i moaned of great nipple pleasure.

for my last thing to finsih this off i push both boobs together making the biggest cleavage ive seen also making the nipples touch each other. i drool on her cleavage then cucked on both nipples at the same time making me officially too tired to do anything. i laid back in the bed and feel my pussy then clentch my boob then told myself i should do this more until i heard a phone ring. i get up sore from self fucking and walk over and picked up, it said girlfriend so i slid the green phone and answered her. the person said that she would be over in 15, i said ok and hang up, it must have been that girl from earlier, things have to wait because ill have plently of fun playing with these girls tonight.


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