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Possession Party 1

We wanted to do a possession party after our successful one with the beach in Arizon with My friends Steven and joe. We tested our possession powers individually and had our own little mischief like I when I flew to California and had some little fun with more bikini girls and Steven told me that he possessed a teacher that he always like and spent money on dildos to play with her body. Joe only possessed his sister and masturbated the hell in her, he told me that when he de possessed her she was crying as she was putt her hands in her pussy. Read more

Thanks Uncle

it was a great saturday morning for me, it was the time for jobs which sucked because i needed one or else my parents wont let me live in their house because i just graduated from college. as usual i walk downstairs, go to the kitchen and grab some fruit loops from the cabinet, i ate my cereal because I was always hungry because of myself always growing. Read more

Gotta love ads sometimes

It was the day after summer and I wanted to hang out with some friends over the summertime even if its just playing video games. Since I’m one of those bums who needs ideas I decide to look on the internet because if that fails you always have friends opinions, family, even people at resteraunt you don’t know. I typed in the search bar “great places to go with friends.” Read more

Working out is going to be fun

it was a Saturday in the morning at 7, my parents left for a business trip in Oregon because their travelers and since I’m 17 I can’t technically travel with them. Only if I was 18 I would have been able to travel with them because they travel to the fun states with cool things. The worst of all my older sister who was now in charge, I hate her decisions sometimes because she makes m do all the chores and when I do it’s supposed to occupy me enough for her friends to come over. Even worse, i have to clean up after them, all I wanted to get back at her because today was Saturday and I was planning on starting a membership. Just as I touched the doorknob my sister arms folded and eye brow asked me a question.
“Where do you think your going.” She said
“To the gym?” I reply Read more

Trying a new face

Jacob got a new neighbor that liked to jog around the neighborhood in the morning on Saturdays, but this wasn’t just any new neighbor. It was a young hot one, since Jacob was a professional body hopper he thought that she would be nice to hop into because he’s been hopping into the same girls. Read more