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“You look so adorable in my sister’s body” Mike said. “You think so?” Stan blushed. “I still can’t belive it really worked” Stan couldn’t stop staring in the mirror, he was amazed by the effect.
When this morning his friend’s mother came up to him and told him she’s really his best friend Mike, Stan thought she went insane. Mike showed him the spell but Stan was hard to convince. That was until Mike used the spell and swapped Stan with his sister Tina.
It was so unrealistic and hard to belive but if Stan was now in Tina’s body then Mike was telling the truth and he is his own mom. Stan didn’t ask for reasons, he was busy checking out his new form.
“Tina sure is cute” Stan said as he ran his fingers across his soft skin. “You can keep it if you want” Mike smiled. “Really?” Stan asked. “Sure, just remember that i am your mother now. That means i’m in charge” Mike crossed his arms. “Ok mom” Stan smiled.
“So… what should we do next” Stan said after a moment of silence. Mike smiled widely “Let’s go shopping” He said. Stan liked the idea. He quickly put on his sneakers while Mike took his heels and purse. They both left the house happy to have some mother-daughter time in their new bodies.


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