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Accept it

Mike watched as his friend pointed the swapping remote at him. “This is the end, Mike. You won’t be stealing my sister’s life anymore” Greg said ready click the button. Mike smiled watching his efforts. “Come on, do it” He laughed. Greg pressed the button but nothing happened. He looked confused at the remote while Mike was having fun seeing Greg’s face. “I told you it’s useless” Mike said. “What did you do” Greg shouted at him. “Lets just say i accidentally dropped it on the floor and it may have been broken now” Mike grinned. “You…” Greg was furious. “Listen Greg. No matter how much you dislike the idea but now i’m your sister. Katie didn’t want her body and life so she agreed to exchange. Yes, i didn’t stole it from her. She was fully aware of this.” Mike said but Greg didn’t want to listen. It didn’t matter if Mike was telling the truth, he couldn’t stand the idea that his friend was now his older sister. Mike knew that Greg probably won’t accept him but he didn’t care. Living as a girl was interesting. Besides Katie gave him this body, it was his own from now and he could do whatever he wanted to. And if Greg can’t accept it… Well it’s not like he could do anything about it.

A better sister

This is my older sister Katie, or at least she seems to be her. In reality it was my best friend James in her body. Two months ago my sister and my friend misteriously swapped bodies during a storm. You see, my sister was considered very slutty. She often came back home late at night, she thought that life is all about partying and i don’t even want to think how many guys she slept with. But when James took over her body he decided to make a change. If he had to live as a girl he definitely didn’t want to be associated with a slut. He started to dress properly. His make up wasn’t so sharp and he behaved more responsible much to my sister’s discontent. But it’s not like she could say anything. It was his body and his life, he could do anything he wanted to. Besides my parents were delighted with that change. Finally they had a daughter who helps around the house and makes them feel proud. I sometimes hang out with him. We still play video games together but i noticed the change in our relations. He was no longer my best buddy but my big sister. Well, it’s not like i’m complaining. Things got better since then and the guy he is dating right now is really cool. His name is Steve and i think he will make a good brother in law.

Thanks dude

“You look so adorable in my sister’s body” Mike said. “You think so?” Stan blushed. “I still can’t belive it really worked” Stan couldn’t stop staring in the mirror, he was amazed by the effect.
When this morning his friend’s mother came up to him and told him she’s really his best friend Mike, Stan thought she went insane. Mike showed him the spell but Stan was hard to convince. That was until Mike used the spell and swapped Stan with his sister Tina.
It was so unrealistic and hard to belive but if Stan was now in Tina’s body then Mike was telling the truth and he is his own mom. Stan didn’t ask for reasons, he was busy checking out his new form.
“Tina sure is cute” Stan said as he ran his fingers across his soft skin. “You can keep it if you want” Mike smiled. “Really?” Stan asked. “Sure, just remember that i am your mother now. That means i’m in charge” Mike crossed his arms. “Ok mom” Stan smiled.
“So… what should we do next” Stan said after a moment of silence. Mike smiled widely “Let’s go shopping” He said. Stan liked the idea. He quickly put on his sneakers while Mike took his heels and purse. They both left the house happy to have some mother-daughter time in their new bodies.

Runaway Steal

When Jack heard that his best friend’s sister, Amy, had run away from home, he instantly jumped in to help look for her. Though he was several years older, he had known Amy nearly all her life. She was just a high school sophomore, and she always seemed jealous of her brother and Jack’s college experience.
While Jack was driving several miles outside of town, he found Amy walking down the highway away from their town. As he pulled over, Jack noticed that Amy seemed to smile as she saw him coming. “Amy, thank God. Everyone is looking for you. Let’s get you home.” As Jack went to hug Amy, he felt a little shock as he touched her. All of a sudden, Amy ran away from him. As he chased her down, he noticed that his body seemed to be changing. He seemed to be getting shorter with each step and he could feel his hair growing out. Eventually, he had to stop in a field as his clothes were slipping off. As Jack looked down, he was shocked to see that he looked like Amy.
As Jack nervously tried to process the information, he heard his voice: “Hope you like that body AMY!” Jack looked up and saw his naked body coming out of the field. “What the hell did you do to us?!” Amy explained, “I hated my life. Everyone was oblivious to me. They would faun over my brother and you. I wanted to know what that was like. While walking the creek, I came across a medallion. I discovered I could transform into anyone by touching their. I figured, it should work when I touch them. That’s why I ran away. I was hoping it was you. Now, AMY, time to go home.”
Now at Amy’s house, grounded for running away, he stared in the mirror. He knew their was no way he could ever reverse this or tell anyone. Now, Jack had to be the best Amy he could for the rest of his life.