Test subjects

It was dinner time so i sat at the table with my parents and twin sister Ashley. We ate in silence, lately our familly was struggling with financial problems so the dinners weren’t as enjoyable like before, but today my parents looked extra worried. I knew somethings not right but i didn’t have the courage to ask. “Kids. I think we found a solution for our problems but it will take great sacrifice from you two” My dad said. My sister and i looked confused at each other. “My friend is a scientist. Soon he will be performing an experiment and it looks like you are the perfect candidates for it” He continued. “What kind of experiment” I asked. “Brain swap” He said. “That’s impossible” I didn’t belive him. “It’s true Mike. He promised a solid check for us if you agree”. I was speachles. “So we are going to be in each other bodies. For how long?” My sister asked. “It’s irreversible, so if you decide to do it there will be no way back.” He said. “We won’t force you, but please consider it” My mother said. I didn’t know what to say. “Ok we’ll do it” My sister said. I was shocked she agreed. “What about you pall?” My dad looked at me. “Ok, if Ash is ok with it” I said not sure i’ve made the right decision. “Good, i’ll call Robert and tell him the news” My dad left the kitchen. “Don’t worry, we will help you through it” My mom said softly.

For the whole next week i couldn’t think about anything else. How wierd it was, soon i will be my sister, i will be a girl! that’s just insane. I wondered how it will be like to dress up in her clothes, to have breasts and sit down to pee. I was worried but also a little bit excited.

When the day finally had came my mom drove us to the lab where soon our new lives will start. I didn’t talk too much about it with my sister as i focused of my last days as a boy. When we got there we meet Dr. Robert Jones, the guy who will do the surgery. He informed us about everything. It appeared to we won’t get our whole brains transplanted, but just the part responsible for our consciousness. That means we will have the skills and habits from each other. After explaining everything we changed our clothes to hospital gowns and the nurse took some tests before we were put in beds. W wished our selfs a good look then our beds were separeted by paravans. I started to have doubts but it was to late as the doctor gave me the anesthesia.

When i woke up i thought at first that nothing had happened. I expected to freak out but my body felt perfectly normal. It was only when i got up i noticed the operation was successful. I looked at my sisters body but it was mine now, i had full control of it. I touched my much softer face and it didn’t feel strange. My whole body felt familiar, the long hair tickling my neck, the round breasts felt like they’ve always been there, even the empty space betwen my legs wasn’t as distubing as i thought it would be.

We spend a week in the clinic before we could go home, the doctors wanted to make sure everything is fine. We had a lot of time to share our expiriences with our new bodies. I was glad i wasn’t the only one who had the same feelings. When the time to go back home finally had come i put on my sisters panties and bra. Just as i expected it didn’t bother me. I dressed up in the rest of her clothes and went to the car where our parents were awaiting.

At home i had a long talk with my mom about my new life. She told me everything about matching my outfits, taking care of my body, feminine hygiene, period and lastly about something i didn’t want to hear, contraception. I wasn’t ready to start my sexual life at least for now as i’m pretty sure that sooner or later i will do it, especially that i have my sister’s preferences now and i’m really atracted to guys.


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