Nothing to complain

“I don’t know why people are freaking out. The great shift was the best thing that could happen” Owen thought checking out his body. He loved every part of his feminine, sexy body and no matter how many times he looked at his reflection he just didn’t have enough.
Before the great shift Owen was just an average teenager but now he’s a hot woman and he was sure he will enjoy his new life.
At first owen had some problems, he had to learn how to dress up properly to look sexy, or how to put his makeup and walk in heels. He was able to catch on very quickly and now nobody could tell he was ever a boy. He loved being sexy and draw men’s attention.
Of course there were some downsides, like the monthly visit of mother nature but none of which he could not cope, looking like this was a reward for some inconvenience.
Owen was happy. He knew the great shift turned out very well for him. Soon his best friend, who also ended up in the body of a sexy woman will pay him a visit. Owen couldn’t wait to hit the clubs with his friend and pick up some guys.


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