Telling the truth

Here I am, standing in the middle of the street, watching as my friends are playing street hokey. It’s been so long since we talked to eachother. I wasn’t around for half a year since I was helping my mom to take care of my sick grandma. Well, at least it’s what thet belive since I didn’t have the balls to tell them the truth, which is kind of ironic since I literally don’t have any balls right now. It’s all because of the tg flu that turned me into the girl I am now.

Before I became Ashley my name was Ashton and I was a normal 17 years old boy. When I was diagnosed with the tg flu I was afraid my friends will turn away from me. I’ve heard it happened to some victims. They were alienated and laughed at like it was their choice to become a girl.

My mom suggested that I should dissapear for some time until I decide I’m ready to come out. So we made up a story with my sick grandmother so I had a cover up for my condition. With the support of my parents and under the watchful eye of the doctor I watched as my body is slowly changing and I’m becoming a girl. For the last half year I was learning and accepting myself as Ashley until I was sick of hiding and decided to show myself to my friends.

Now it’s the time and I’m pretty nervous. I wonder what they will think if they find out their friend is a girl. I’m sure they will be shocked. I was always the tallest and most muscular, now I’m so short and petite. I hope they won’t laugh that I’m wearing a crop top and shorts. Sure I could wear some plain jeans and an oversized shirt but I decided if I’m going to be a girl then I will dress and act like one. Here I go. It’s time to face them and tell the truth. I will find out if they are really my friends. I wonder that if I’m accepted how they are going to act around me. Will I be still their old buddy or they will treat me as a girl. I guess I will find out. Maybe they will find me pretty and one of them will ask me out. If so I hope it will be Rick. He looks so cute and I wouldn’t mind to be his girlfriend


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