Teenagers do it

After twenty minutes of awkward kissing and fondling, Brandon and Mark broke apart in a huff.

“Come on, how hard is it to turn a girl on?” Mark asked from his sexy female body.

“Like because you’ve been a girl for half an hour you’re an expert? What about you? What would you call what you were trying to do there rubbing at my crotch? I’d swear it was like you’d never handled a penis before!” Brandon grumbled back from his hunky muscular form.

“Well other than my own I haven’t!” Mark huffed back and crossed her arms. Brandon and Matt had both recently turned thirty, and to their mutual embarrassment were both still virgins. A bit of flexibility and magic spell book were supposed to fix that, but it just wasn’t working. “Christ, this isn’t supposed to be so hard. Hell, teenagers do it.”

“Hey, now there’s an idea…” Brandon replied. It was true, teenagers did it and teenagers they weren’t. He grabbed the spellbook and flipped through it quickly, “Here it is. tcham snu fleowz regneuj!”

As before they both stared to change, even their clothing. They each got younger, their skin getting tighter and a little bit smaller. Mark’s blouse and jeans turned into a skirt and a teeny shirt. Brandon’s polo and slacks turned into athletic shorts and short sleeved shirt.

Mark looked up at him with a nervous smiled on his face as he played with his hair that had been done up in pig tails, “Well that was an idea. What am I supposed to be, a cheerleader or something now?” His voice a slightly higher pitch.

“I guess.” Brandon said and felt his dick start to get hard all on its own. He hadn’t been this horny in… well, since the last time he was a teenager. All he could do was stare at Mark’s breasts.

“I definitely feel different.” Mark said with a trembling voice, her eyes staring at the bulge in Brandon’s shorts. Mark felt an incredible warmth and wetness in his crotch and swallowed hard, “I’m pretty sure we’re not going to have any problems getting ready now.”

They spent the next week fucking like, well, teenagers. Of course when it came time to turn back, they realized they’d done something else teenagers do. They forgot about birth control. Mark was gonna be a teen mom…


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