Taking a walk

It’s my first time in L.A. I was talking a walk, when I saw a black purse lying on the floor. “I should take a look at it, and have returned to the owner” I thought. I picked up the purse, and looked inside, there was no id, nothing, just a few sex toys and a bracelet. “The owner must have been some kinky girl…” I took a look at the bracelet, it looked like it really was made out of gold, and in its inner side there was an engraving. “You are the owner of this purse. Enjoy your new life.” Funny, I thought. I should leave the purse where I found it, maybe the owner will pick it up later.

I walked a few steps back, and as I was about to leave it on the floor, I felt light headed. “No wait, I should hold on to it, for a little while longer”. I continued walking. I could feel my jeans getting shorter, and the breeze hitting my now feminine legs. I didn’t care, It felt good. My white shirt started to become smaller, and somewhat seethrough. Breasts were sticking out, “good thing I am wearing a white top, or all the guys would see my boobs” I thought.

I then saw my shoes transform into sandals. A couple of tattoos appeared on my legs. I felt my hair grow in a couple of seconds. I got a pair of earings out of my purse and place them on my ears. I felt so hot. People were looking at me, and I loved that, it was turning me on. I walked back to my appartment, where my lesbian girlfriend was waiting for me. “I brought some toys” I told her while I emptied my purse. She placed a strapon on herself, and after a quick foreplay, she was inside me, and I was enjoying it inmensly. I just kept thinking its great to be a porn star in LA.


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