Incredible device (part 5)

Kyle was thinking about what he has done with his teacher as he walked through the school corridor, his action was reckless and he knew about it. He console himself knowing that Mrs. Holden was much happier like that and everyone at school had gained a great teacher. “I need to be more carefull with this” Kyle said looking at the remote. He was so absorbed, he didn’t saw his two best friends, Mark and Colin coming from the opposite direction, the boys also didn’t notice him as they were distracted by something on their phones. Kyle spotted them in the last moment but it was already too late and they bumped into each other. Kyle fell down from the impact and just before hitting the ground he heard the familiar noise of the remote.

Kyle was frightened as he realized he accidentaly shot with the remote. He looked around for his friends only to find a girl his age lying on the floor. “Wait where is the other one” Kyle looked again but there was no one besides the girl. Then his attention was caught by the round belly of this girl, showing that she is surely pregnant. “No that’s impossible” Kyle refused to think that one of his friends turned into an unborn baby. “Sorry, i haven’t seen you” The girl smiled. “No it’s my fault” Kyle got up and helped the girl. “Are you ok ermm…” Kyle didn’t knew her name. “Hellooo! It’s Stacey, we’re in the same class, did you hurt your head? should i take you to the nurse” Stacey said worried. “No i’m fine. My head just the shock” Kyle awkwardly scratched his head. “Our class start’s soon, shall we go together?” She got closer and took him by the arm. Kyle didn’t protest and they headed to the classroom in silence, he was too busy trying to figure out which one of his friends is Stacey and which one is her baby.


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