Short girls are his thing

“Hmm…” Greg said with a smirk as Chris walked in and smiled at him. Chris was certainly enjoying himself as a woman. Greg’s woman. Greg’s appetites were far from satiated. His ring and the necklace Chris was wearing meant the possibilities were nearly endless. The smile just confirmed for Greg he could go further.

“Hey- what-?” Chris gasped in a high pitched voice as the world started to get larger around him. He looked herself over as Greg towered over him, not that he hadn’t before. The rest of his body hadn’t changed much. His breasts might have been slightly larger. They certainly were being shown off more by the new top Greg had changed his previous t-shirt into. And the fact that his previous skinny jeans were now a short skirt certainly were different too. But mostly it was the height.

“Man, I’m tiny!” Chris said looking up at Greg.

“Four foot eight.” Greg said, his eyes racing over Chris’s body hungrily.

“Four foot eight? What? Five foot four wasn’t short enough for you?” Chris said. Both were much less than his ordinary five foot eleven, which was less than Greg’s six foot two.

“I wanted to REALLY tower over a girl.” Greg said and stepped forward, looming ever larger in Chris’s vision. Chris swallowed and looked down, though not particularly far, to the bulge in Greg’s jeans. He’d seemed huge before, now it was almost frightening. Far more arousing though. Being a girl and feeling full was kind of awesome, and she couldn’t wait to feel that thing stretching her to the limit.

“Ok, so short girls are your thing. I hope you won’t mind when I indulge my thing for big breasts next weekend when you’ve got the necklace and I’m the one with the ring.” Chris said.

Greg loomed over him and reached his hands down, grabbing her ass and lifting her up to her tip toes as he bent down to kiss her. No, Greg thought to himself, he certainly wouldn’t mind, but he’d rather stay as the two of them were right now. The way Chris had been moaning the last time he fucked him had given him the idea. Chris had been enjoying it quite a bit, and now thanks to the ring’s magic, his pussy was even more sensitive. Maybe if he could make Chris cum hard enough he’d decide to stay like this. It was worth a try anyways.

And if not, maybe he’d love being Chris’s big titted play thing next weekend. The possibilities were endless.


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