Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer. (4lice Request)

Everyone has misplaced a stare at least once in their lives. An attractive person can crop up at any time and, when they do, most of us can’t help but let our eyes linger just a little bit too long. The pupils dilate. The pulse quickens slightly. The world suddenly morphs into an intoxicating trap. We stare.

I was in the supermarket grabbing breakfast cereal when it happened to me. A cute little Asian girl rounded the corner into my aisle and my gaze landed quietly on her body. I sized her up in my mind.

She wore black tights with a short gray dress that hugged her tits. Black heels highlighted her long, curvy legs and she looked confused about her shopping list. A girl like that was bound to be taken or, at least, hot on the dating market. Funnily enough, she looked so naive like she didn’t get out of the house much.

Distant shoppers chatted and checkout counters bleeped with activity. Despite the noise everywhere, for a brief moment, we were alone in that aisle together. I let myself stare.

She pulled her short black hair behind her ear to get a better view of the cereal. I watched her notice me out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head and her eyes pointed dead at me. I’d had been caught. Normally in this situation, I’d dart my head around and pretend I hadn’t been looking but this time was different. The girl’s face lit up, becoming bright red. I walked in her direction pulling my hands out of my pockets. “Hey.”

We carried on in light conversation but I found myself pulling the weight. She seemed so shy but what was I to expect out of the girl I’d just met in the supermarket?

“So,” I leveled “You looking for someone to swing by your place tonight?” She blushed and nodded then wrote her address on a piece of paper. I’d meant that as a joke, something to immediately break the ice. She didn’t take it that way.

She passed me her address. I thanked her. “What’s your name again?”

“Mia.” She said looking to me with bright eyes. “and you?”

“I’m Ander.” I said offering her a handshake. She ignored my hand and hugged me tightly instead. ‘Damn this is easy’, I thought. ‘I bet she’ll even let me screw her tonight too.’

I arrived early at around 6. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to get foreplay out of the way. Part of me couldn’t believe she lived on the top floor. No way a girl as timid as Mia was making enough bank for that and I sure as shit hoped I wasn’t about to fuck a girl with a husband. ‘Then again’, I thought ‘Maybe she had a rich dad who spoiled her rotten from birth.’

I knock at her door and a stranger answers. She’s another attractive young woman but she’s definitely not Mia. “Come on in.” She motions. I casually step inside and give the place a run down. It’s gorgeous. Dark hardwood floors give way to floor to a patio overlooking NYC. A wall of floor to ceiling glass seamlessly divides the space. My eyes catch Mia dusting in the living room.

“Sit.” The young woman commands from across the table.

“So you came here to fuck my maid, right?”

I gasp at the question. “Well, I-“

She starts pouring herself a drink. “Come on now.” The stranger interupts. “We can skip the formalities. Answer the question did you or did you not come to screw my Mia?”

I halfheartedly cave in. “I did.”

With that, my world violently shifts in an instant. Next thing I know, Mia appears much closer to us. The stranger is talking to her and Mia keeps nodding respectfully. “After we finish talking, take her to my bedroom. Tell her she can pick out anything she wants from my closet. Once she’s finished, I want the two of you patiently waiting out on the patio. It shouldn’t take ten minutes. Okay?

I gaze down at my body and notice my frame is much smaller. My nipples feel sensitive rubbing against my rough shirt. I feel a void between my legs and the brush of hair against my neck. My now loose clothes fail to hug my body like they had just moments before.

Mia nods again. “yes, ma’am.”

“Good girl.” The stranger directs her attention back to me. “I’m going to let you fuck my maid. After that you have two options.” She lifts her manicured hand. “One. You leave here and never show your face in this building ever again. Or two. You stay here with me. forever. as my plaything. Is that understood?”

My disbelief overwhelms my body. I feel like I’m about to cry. Tears well up in my eyelids and I think on what I could’ve done to avoid this. Why did I stare at Mia in the supermarket? Why did I have to flirt with her? And, most importantly, why did I let her lead me here? Now a complete stranger has totally lifted me off my manhood without so much as lifting a finger. I want to revolt but I already know it’s useless.

“Understood?” She reiterates.

I hang my head in defeat. “Yes, Ma’am.” I say in my new, laughably feminine voice.

“Good girl. Mia will show you to my room now. You two get ready. I’ll go get my camera.”


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