My Two Sons

Would you look at my two sons. Yes I said sons. Let me explain you see up till 8 months ago my boys would argue and fight over everything. From Sports to Video Games to Women they slept with always trying to one up the other constantly. Finally I had enough of it. I was done but there was nothing I could do. Until me friend Alice said she might know a way to get my sons to calm down a forgo their comparative nature once and for all. She suggested I go see this crazy old lady she knew. Alice claimed that she was a witch and that she was the reason why her husband mysteriously ran off with his secretary. That in fact he turned in to the dog she got the day he let. I thought she was insane no way this witch could be real and she was just upset about her husband leaving, but I deiced to humor her just this one and go visit the Crazy lady.

So I go to her house it was a small apartment in town didn’t look like much really just a normal looking place. That was until I steeped inside and the place was massive with different herbs and plants hanging on the wall with shelves of books and odds and ins all around the place. I glanced at one set of shelves then another with different words painted on the books and beakers till I finally came to and old lady sitting behind a counter staring right at me not making a sound just waiting.

I went to introduce myself but before I could open my mouth she said. “I already know who you are and why you are here and I maybe able to help just know what you seek is not a guaranteed but it still may do what you wish. I will change your sons if you wish. just say the word.”

I think about it for a few moments and finally say. “Please do it change my sons. What will it cost me.”

She chuckles and says. “This one is on the house.”

I thank her and I leave to go home. When I get there I hear two screaming girls yelling at each other about something. I enter the house to see my boys changed into my two new daughters bickering over a pair of boy and which one is better in the sack.

That was 7 months ago now as you can see from the picture the are still just as competitive just the subject have shifted from Sports and Video games to having the most sex with their boyfriends while pregnant or who make the more sexy Mommy.


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