A Talk with the Boss

Henry was reluctant to talk with his boss about his concerns with his job, but eventually broke down, “I’m tired of all my responsibilities, it is too much at times. Sometimes I wish I was just a secretary, I would make almost as much, and not have nearly as much to do and to be accountable for.”

The boss, Ned Likes suggested a solution, “You know what you are right. Your job is demanding, a promotion sometimes means more responsibility, which it seems you can’t handle. So a demotion is in order, I will demote you to secretary, and you will get that pay grade as well effective immediately. Now go get me coffee, black, with extra sugar.”

Henry opened his eyes after looking down, and after feeling different, realized he looked different. He was staring down at a protruding shirt, tight short skirt, and crossed pantyhose clad legs. He was dressed like a female secretary, no he was a female secretary, realizing his entire body felt different, the breasts were real, and the emptiness in his crotch told more of the story as well. He or now she, nearly stumbled in her new ankle strap four inch pumps, and had to steady herself on the chair here new round soft bottom had been sitting on seconds earlier. A wisp of hair was in her eyes as well, a few hairs out of place from her new lady’s up do. She glance at a mirror nearby, one the boss used to comb his hair and straighten out his ties. She was a woman, and a secretary, no doubt about it.

“Hannah, get me that coffee, I won’t repeat myself,” said Ned, a very demanding boss even to secretaries.

As Hannah’s hips swayed in her tight pencil skirt, her tiny feet teetering in the high heels adorning them, she realized perhaps she should have not came to the boss at all. Upon bringing him his coffee, she even found she was somehow mildly attracted to him. She also realized she was starting to feel kind of good. Perhaps speaking to her boss was actually a great idea, a blessing in disguise, especially being the boss’s personal secretary as it now seemed she was.


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