A strange condition

I hate it when this happen. Ever since I reached puberty I developed a really strange condition. It doesn’t always happen, but whenever its raining and I get wet, I have to dry myself up in less than 5 minutes or I transform into a really hot red head. Whenever it happens, I lose control of my body. I can still see, hear and feel everything, but I stop being in control. I stay in that condition for exactly 12 hours, and then I go back to being my male self.

I had been without an incident for years. But this time, I was out of town when it started raining. I had no time to go anywhere to dry myself up. I just hid at a bus stop. Hopefully no one saw me transform. I must have looked sad, because a man in a sports car asked me if he can help me. He offered me a ride, and I agreed. In the way to my hotel room, he offered me to stay at his place, my male safe was screaming “no”, but Amy, my female self, agreed in no time. As we got to his place, he started kissing Amy. I was discusted. I wanted to throw up, sadly, Amy was enjoying it. Last time I had turned into Amy, she didn’t make out with anybody, I guess she was still saw herself as an innocent girl. But now, we are all grown up. I can feel her wet. I just hope she is not thinking of having sex with this stranger.

As luck would have it, we are resting in this man’s living room. We are naked, and looking at him sexily. I still want to run away. But Amy enjoying this too much. She started giving him a blowjob, then jumped on his arms, wrapped her legs around him. I felt his thing enter us. It was horrible but exciting at the same time. It felt weird, but in a good way. Then, he came. Afterwards, I expected us to cuddle for a while, after all, Amy would love that. But he asked Amy to get dressed and just took her to my hotel room. I felt violated, my first night stand as Amy.

That was weeks ago, for some reason, I haven’t turned back into a man. I am just seeing life through her eyes. What bothers me more, is that Amy is getting morning sickness. I guess it shows her why she should have used protection.


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