Nothing Happens for a reason.

We were gifted, not some magic, nothing mystical; we were given the MAU. I say, “given,” even if it appeared in our hotel; I respectfully think, “Nothing happens for a reason.” This didn’t need a reason, but it wasn’t nothing. Me and my business mate, Rick, found it in our hotel room right when we arrived.

I didn’t know what it was; it could have been a piece of led, heavily laying in between the beds of this huge hotel room. We wondered up toward the box centered between paintings, furniture, and blinds. He touched it first; his had reached out to it, probably to pick up this mystery, but as he touched it; it grew out, and we jumped back.

It grew into a full box, filled with mystery and wonder in our eyes. We debated it, and examined it, then we googled it, and got ready to experiment with it.

First we started small; we just changed ourselves. Both adding muscle, scent of hormones, and escaping to the local bars, determined to test our luck. A couple girls caught; it was nice; we were pleased with our new toy, the MAU.

Then, we decided to try more. I would be the one who would change. I decided to turn myself into one of the girls last night, Her name was Sarah and she was a petite, dark haired, fit, and wet. Then I imagined her into the MAU, exactly how she was last night; the MAU’s image of her was exactly what I had remembered: Small, tight, beautiful, sexy, fit, and her small breasts perked with nipples that told you, “I’m horny and yours.” Then it was time to step in, which I did.

The change was nothing, just as the changes I had felt while only altering myself. But when I stepped out: I had changed. This was different, and only in a good way. I was shorter than him, and he was ready for me, but I wanted to see myself, so I skipped. Entering that bathroom, the hard floor, uncarpeted and cold on my petite feet; that made me giggle, but walking up to the mirror was something else. The girl in the mirror was surprised, cute, and she was sexy; she had drops of wetness traveling down her legs. I was really turned on; I realized I imagined myself: A wet, small, tight, beautiful, sexy, fit, dark haired girl, and by making her wet. By making me wet; I was in heat.

My partner for the night, my business partner, entered the room, again naked, but this time he was announced by his scent ready to convince me. “You’re really wet, you know?”
“Ah, yes…” I repeated nervous and slightly shameful about my mistake, but this was the first time I had heard my voice. My voice was changed into a sexy little Brit girl’s voice; a voice made for sex, and a voice that was mine.
“You want to take care of that with me?” He struck a fake sexful manly voice.
“I think I’m going to have to.” I laughed out.

I walked toward him, swayed my petite body, and grabbed his wide shoulders as he whisked me up and proceeded to the bed. There he laid down, and I proceeded to lower tight pussy, which a-lined with his massive member.

The entry was a shattering image that will last with me and my new body for the rest of my existence, and this is why I’m writing this; I want to share this feeling with you, to convince you to also turn yourself into a horny little Brit girl, because this feeling never goes away. Being filled, with something hard, something warm, something manly; to be in power, filling with the lustful excitement that your body possesses; knowing everyone will always dream about the night that they entered you. Sometimes you’re entered by women, their tongues exploring you for pleasure. They wanted to be rewarded with a night of your body; the body of a girl who was always wet; a girl who was definitely sexy; a girl with a body for sex; a wet, tight, petite, dark haired, and gorgeous body. Wetter than you could handle; wetter than she’s ever been with; and wet enough to endlessly serve him. Then, you also get the respect of a goddess who is wanted by everyone, and lusted after for days, even weeks; people dream about you for the rest of their life time.

Maybe you wore a dress that day, maybe a skirt, but everyday you will receive what you want; you will get a night full of pleasure with a toy hand picked from anybody you ever meet. It was true power to be a god of sex, and an unending lust forces you to use your power.

But make your decision; when you come out of the machine: you will never go back in, you will never want to. You will always chase the moment you push your weight down; that moment when a penis slowly fills you, stretching your tight pussy, sliding toward your womb. Your then starts running high in orgasmic bliss; juices forming at the base of his cock, and you grinding your hips across his cock. The power that you force into erupting bliss leaves him in a state of awe. The sound of your moans make music of angelic pleasure; that music echos throughout the room, which ends in uncontrollable sex sessions.

That night with my business partner left me with a new purpose. I’m a lustful petite Brit, a goddess of sex that will take what I want. We are no longer business partners, but he was fun for the night. This is me now, and nothing happens for a reason.


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