Getting Into Shape

I’m not saying I was the most fit person, however I wasn’t out of shape if you know what I mean. So I was browsing one of my favorite websites,, and the usual advertisement popped up as soon as I enter the page, however this one caught my eye.

It claimed that it could help me get into a healthier lifestyle by simply following their program. I was intrigued so I continued to navigate the site, learning more about the program. Once I was convinced I decided to buy what they call their “One-Step Process”. A prompt appeared asking if I agreed to their terms, foolishly I checked “agree” changing my life forever.

I awoke, questioning why I was ever asleep. “Where am I?”, I thought. First thing that came to mind was that I was hungover, so in an effort to find out I got out of bed. I walked to the door to see who was outside this mysterious room. As I went to grab the door knob I caught my first glimpse at my dainty, fingernail painted, feminine hand.

I jolted back in disbelief, “This isn’t happening” I thought to myself. This motion cause locks of brunette hair to blur my vision. I took my new hand to brush my hair out out face, noticing the rest of my body. My breasts were tucked into their bra, pushing out against the force holding them in. I realized the sweat on my skin, then it finally hit me. When I purchased the fitness pack, I actually bought my very own hot body.

I reached down to my breasts and gave them a push. I then freed them from their cloth prison. The feeling of the fabric sliding against my now larger nipples sent shivers down my spine. However what I didn’t realize is that it was slightly chilly in the room. The sweat from “my” prior workout cause my nipples to become erect when they became in contact with the air. This sensation cause and almost immediate response to caress them. This created a new wetness, and a new set to needs.

I reached down to flat front, feeling two distinct mounds through the fabric of my bottoms. I continued inside, finding a moist slit that needed to be probed. I thrusted my fingers inside my pussy, letting out soft moans. I persisted through the waves of pleasure that rushed through my delicate body, finally reaching the culmination of my efforts, being the finest thing I have ever experienced.

I felt my breasts compressed against my chest as I laid back on the bed. As they continued to jiggle around I thought about my situation. “What was I going to do?” Then I had an odd feeling, I need attention, I wanted to be seen.

My mind has adapted to my body, leaving me with thoughts working out at the gym, and wanting to please men. Now that I have started my new life, I make working out a daily chore since it is an easy way to find powerful men that have no problem controlling my petite body around the bedroom. I know, I was a man a day ago, but I have adapted to my situation, and these thoughts now feel natural. Whoever left me this body gave me everything I needed to start my life.


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