Bodysuit Tampering

I have never been fond of my roommate Stephan, but when he suggested an investment opportunity I jumped at the offer. He said “Here’s the plan, I will buy a female bodysuit, and you will wear it to pose as my girlfriend, when “we” meet my parents this weekend. Then we will ask for money to fund “our” trip to Jamaica.” At first I was weary, but when he explained the harmlessness of the suit, and how it was only for the night, I reluctantly agreed.

With 2-day shipping he was able to get it the day of the dinner. When it came time to get ready I was nervous, what if something went wrong. I took the suit to the bathroom to get in it. When I held it up to me it was nearly a foot shorter than I actually am. I slipped off my shorts, socks, shoes, first slipping my feet inside the smooth skin. A tingling sensation rushed to my feet, causing aches and pains. But when that subsided I wiggled my toes, seeing that they responded to my movements. Their smallness was exciting, and I was no longer worried about the tightness of the suit. I continued to slide it up my body, stopping before it reached my crotch. When I did this I felt a burning in my legs as the suit squeezed my toned calves into sleek feminine versions.

I noticed a pocket for my penis to be inserted into, and I did so. A warm, moist sensation followed, I figured it was to comfort my phallus inside this second skin. I noticed my ass had rounded out making my body truly feminine. Next I pulled the rest of the suit up my torso, positioning the squishy breasts in their appropriate locations. Then slid my masculine hands into the tight fitting skin, but soon the skin contorted and made my small dainty hands real. Finally I pulled the face into place, I felt it squeeze my wide jawbone into a beautiful feminine one, making it an attractive face. When I shut my eyes and reopened them I noticed something was wrong.

I quickly my clothes back on, running out of the bathroom. I positioned myself on the coffee table, with my feet on the couch, too afraid to touch the carpet. “What did you do to me” I screamed. I carefully tried to move myself onto the couch. “I messed with the suit’s settings, specifying that you would be afraid to touch the floor” he said. Then I finally noticed that I wasn’t wearing the right clothes, they were tight-fitting and I normally didn’t wear panties. I felt underneath them, feeling wetness from a cavity that shouldn’t be there, just touching It gave me the wrong ideas. The he approached me with a look in his eyes I have never noticed before. “What else did you do?” I questioned. “Well let me show you”, he said. He then forcefully grabbed my wrists and shoved me into the couch. I started to whimper. He said “Don’t worry, once I insert my cock inside your moist pussy, you will no long be afraid of the carpet, but also won’t mind living with me.” I tried to resist, but in the suit I didn’t have and strength. He grabbed both my wrists in one hand, and used the other to expose slit from my panties. He stared at me, looking at my exposed body before he started. I felt weak and helpless, there was nothing I could do to stop him. Then he inserted it inside me, I no longer felt the need to resist.

All I want is to be back in my male body, but he later told me there was no reversal, I was stuck. Now I can no longer object to what he does to me. I live as his girlfriend, and he still takes advantage of my weak body, exploiting it for what he can get.


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