Losers always win: Part 2

Losers always win: Part 1

It has been a week and making me a woman wasn’t the only change he made. He forced me to stay home, being his personal sex buddy, also these were the only clothes I could wear. He also made my body extremely horny, so when he wasn’t home all I could think about was his cock. I waited for him to come home, and when he did come home I would stand there sexily, giving myself to him. But all day of being wet, waiting for him, I finally decided to start without him.

The smoothness of the sheets felt nice on my bare skin as I slid my laced panties down, exposing my soaking pussy. I begin to rub it with my small, black nail-polished, hands. It was a foreign sensation, sending pleasure to my brain. With every stroke I felt more feminine thoughts flood my mind. I thought of David’s cock, wanting to suck him off. I grasped my boob for added pleasure. All of this together gave me an orgasm. But this was weird, even though my hand was wet and I had soaked my sheets, my body wanted more. I continued to rub my warm slit, feeling the sensations continue.

Then the door opened and David came in to see me masturbating on his bed. “Well I see you found a way to entertain yourself” he said. I sat there continuing my actions, waiting for him to join me. His strong muscular body was easily able to hold me down as he pounded his dick inside of me. Now I continue to be his fuck buddy. The only upside to this body is that it has made sex a lot better, because of the added stamina. However the ability to rub my own pussy is the most exotic sensation possible.


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