Losers always win: Part 1

I have never been a gambling person but when my roommate David suggested betting on the Oscars I was confused. He explained to me how fun it was so I agreed, thinking I was harmless fun. He voted for Leonardo DeCaprio, and I voted for Matt Damon.

When watching them live at his house I was excited to win. But when they announced that Leo won I was devastated. I promptly asked what I had to do, in order to be out of his debt. He said “Hold on, you are going to have to wait”, then he pulled a smooth stone out of his pocket. I thought he was going to make me lick it, or throw it through a window, but no, he had very different plans in mind. He said “I wish I had a 12 inch dick”, and a bulge in his shorts started to grow. Immediately I was concerned, but I asked “What does this have to with me?” “Just wait honey, I will get to you in a second. Honey, why would he… “I wish Jake was a sexy woman, wanting my cock”. “Wait no..” I screamed, but before I could finish I was shocked by the stones effects. It tuned my hair blonde, making it long so it could flow past my breasts. Breasts? I looked down to see my large mounds weighing my chest down. As I looked past them I found a pair of white laced panties that were to close to my skin, there was no way my cock could fit in there. It didn’t, and never did. I peeked underneath to find a soaking pussy ready to be filled. I pulled my panties all the way down to fully inspect myself, but I got interrupted. David, fully nude in his chair, said “Come over her so I can show you how a woman works”. I sit there in awe of his foot-long cock, wondering what my new perspective will be.

Loser always win: Part 2 – http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/11526


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