New outlook on life

For the longest time I could never understand why I was different. I had barely any friends, and always stayed home and watched TV, I had no social life. But my sister always had something to do, she was either with her friends, watching a movie with her boyfriend, or experiencing life outside the house.

One day I was at home, like I normally am and I stumbled upon her phone. “Why did she forget her phone, normally she never leaves without it” I thought. I picked it up, and just as her boyfriend texted, “Send nudes”. Gross why would she ever expose herself like that, I couldn’t imagine what that sicko was doing with them, she was my sister.

That is when it happened, I started to shrink, I was basically swimming in my clothes. My hands started to get smaller, daintier, as if they were female. Why would my hands do this? Then it escalated, My hair grew long, falling down my smooth back. My legs began to burn, losing all of their hair and becoming toned, losing my muscle. My feet were next, shrinking to almost half their size, my toes rounded out and became feminine. I wiggle my toes in disbelief, if they are mine, along with my new legs. My ass became plump, and rounded, bursting out of my shorts, and boxers, leaving me with only my shirt and socks.

I look down to see the lower half of a female, but with a penis. That didn’t last long when it started to recede into my body. My balls got swallowed into me, turning into my new ovaries, along with my wet slit, turned from my penis. My manhood was gone, but soon I wasn’t able to see down there. Two mounds were forming on my chest, each equal in size, they forming my new breasts. They pressed up against my shirt. It was then that I realized what I must do, I have to send the nudes if I ever want to get back in my old body.

This is the picture that I sent, showing him what he wanted. My ass, with my legs in the air, to show my wet and horny pussy. But when I sent it I didn’t get the response I was expecting, he instantly sent back that he was on his way over. I guess I will now know what they watch movies.


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