Why? Why must my sister swap bodies with me? Ever since she found that wishing rock, she has used it to her advantage. First it was doing doing things for her, she would wish for me to serve her. Then it started to get weird, she started to change my mind, messing with my thoughts. One time she even made me think I liked to suck cock, why would she do that? My girlfriend almost broke up with me because she thought I was gay. I guess my sister does these things since I used to mess with when she was younger. More recently she has stopped because we got into a huge fight and I told her I wouldn’t help her with anything ever again if she didn’t stop, so she stopped.

I wake up this morning to a white and purple room, wondering where I was. I could feel the smoothness of the sheets in places that weren’t there before. I gasped, cried out in a feminine voice, that my masculinity was gone, and all of my friends would laugh at me since I was a chick. But when gasped I recognized a voice, my voice, it was my sister’s. I have never seen her body like this, I felt like I was violating her, but then again she was me. Apparently she only sleeps with a shirt on, and I looked at myself in astonishment, wondering why she would give me her body. Her body was way smaller than mine. Her curves added more cushion to my body, making this experience a lot better. As I rolled over I noticed a note in my old handwriting saying “Hope you like your surprise, you said you didn’t want to be controlled anymore, and to stop wanting to suck cock. Well I stopped controlling you, swapping our bodies so you wouldn’t have to worry. I won’t be needing your help anymore since I am you. Also found out that you girlfriend gave good blowjobs and wanted to find out how it felt to be on the receiving end of one, so I swapped us. I also smashed the rock so you would vandalize my body then return it to me. The only problem is that sucking cock might not seem such a bad idea, since you are now a chick. So have fun, I will see you tonight, and don’t get any ideas of telling anyone because they will think you are crazy, since this is who you are now”. After I read the note I cried, wondering what I was going to do. How could she do this? I stare out the window with tears in my eyes, wondering how I should approach my female outlook on life.


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