Dressing Room

Calvin Klein was on of my favorite places to shop. They have a variety of underwear, jeans, and belts. I found a pair of jeans and some underwear that I liked so I went into the dressing room to try them out. I was only going to try the jeans on since trying on used boxers would be nasty, but I still took them in.

I first dropped my pants, exposing boxers with an outline of my cock. I went to pick up the jeans to try them on, but I noticed a glow underneath. It was the boxers, and when I went to grab them they shocked me, causing them to fall onto the floor.

As I recoiled back, I noticed bangs fall down in front of my view. My hair began to grow, cascading down my back. I began to become more slender, with my hips staying the same size. I looked down to see my new hour-glass shape, finally realizing what was happening. I became so thin that my shirt and boxers fell to the floor, no longer being held up by my muscular frame. I observed my penis begin to shrink, being sucked into my body. All that was left were a new pair of lips, warm and moist.

Then my chest began to expand, forming to lumps. I went to touch my developing breasts, sending sensations concentrated at my perky nipples. I looked behind myself to find my ass plumping into size. I then touched my ass, feeling that my skin was softer than I could ever imagine. I looked into the mirror to see a sexy babe staring back, mimicking every movement I made. “This can’t be possible” I thought, but it clearly was. That was when the panic set in, how was I ever going to be able to change back, return to my old life. I looked on the ground for my male clothes, hoping to dress myself so I could leave, but all I found were a pair of bright pink Calvin Klein panties and bra. I slipped both of them on hoping to cover my naked body. Even though I was covered you could still see the outline of my pussy, and the panties barely covered my ass.

I then walked out of the dressing room, concealing myself behind wall after wall. I felt exposed since so much skin was able to be seen. I turned a corner to see a man, a foot taller than me, surprised at my lack of clothing. “Come here”, he said, “I have something to tell you”. I nervously followed him walking with my small feet across the cold tile flooring. He took me into the back, probably because people were staring at my body. He explained to me that they recently got a letter from the owner stating that anyone buying underwear, and who took that underwear into the dressing room would inadvertently change genders. Luckily they found a way to fix the problem, so it won’t happen again, however they said my transformation was irreversible. At that moment I broke down into tears, sobbing in my feminine voice. I looked up at the man, asking was there anything he could do. He said the best he could do was a $50 off coupon, so I could find something to wear. Now I stand here in my pink panties and bra, trying to figure out what I should get.


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