In the Game

“Oh, hello. I was wondering if I was ever going to get some company. Okay, what I’m about to tell you, just try not to panic, okay?”

“Who are you?? Where am I?! My voice! I…”

“Let it all out. It’s pretty fucking weird, I know.”

“I’ve got a girl’s… I’m… Oh no.”

“I know how you’re feeling, I was where you are.”

“Oh my god, no! No! Let me out, I don’t want to do this anymore!”

“Good luck with that, I begged and begged to be let out when I first got here. Either they can’t hear you or they don’t care, and I’m thinking it’s the second.”

“What’s going on??? Who are you? Why am I a- a fucking girl?? Oh my god, this is so strange!”

“I’m guessing you thought you’d be playtesting a new VR game?”


“And that weird e-mail address sent you the activation code and the download link.”


“And when you loaded it up, you felt sick and blacked out. And now you’re here.”

“Yes! What the fuck is going on??”

“I wish I could tell you. All I know is the same thing happened to me, and I’ve been pretty much stuck here for… Well, I’ve lost track of exactly how long. Two weeks maybe? I mean, I don’t sleep or eat or anything so it’s hard to keep track.”

“Where are we?”

“I’m pretty sure we’re inside the game.”

“We’re playing it now??”

“Well, we’re not really playing it. We’re the characters. I think this is like a character select screen. You’ll see, you’ll be sitting in here killing time and BAM, you’ll be in the middle of some level and you’re running around fighting goblins or playing volleyball or something and you won’t be able to control a single thing. Your body will move on it’s own. It’s the weirdest thing ever.”

“I’m… I’m TRAPPED?”

“Well, WE’RE trapped. I know this is a shock for you, it was for me, but frankly I’m just happy to have someone to talk to.”

*LOADING- Oral Master- Competitive Play*

“What was that???”

“Sounds like a game’s about to start. I sort of forgot to mention whoever’s doing this to us, well… There’s a lot of sex games, let’s say. They’re not my favorite but they’re pretty frequent.”

“Why are you so okay with this??”

“Because Oral Master is a walk in the park compared to Anal Master, another one of their favorite games. You’ll know what I mean, soon.”

“No! This can’t be happening!”


“I guess I’ll see you in there!”

“No! I-“


To be continued?


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