Hold your breath

When I found her there were no signs of life. I felt aroused, and that was clearly very wrong, but here was a totally naked woman and she was unconscious, yes I had some sick thoughts of what I might do but I didn’t act on them. I called for an ambulance.

The emergency dispatcher told me what to do to try and help in the mean time.

Check for any wounds, burns or other indications you might be in danger yourself. I examined her body running my hands over her skin to check and that felt really nice and I hated myself for thinking like that. But I found nothing, the dispatcher asked me to put her on speaker phone and she talked me through mouth to mouth.

I positioned her as instructed and moved my mouth over hers.

The next thing I remember was waking up in the ambulance paralysed unable to close my eyes staring up as my breathing made two breasts lift and fall on my chest.


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