All Your Fault

“Wow, you’re looking chipper.” Margaret said to her son Tyler, currently occupying her body while she was in his, the result of a spell she cast on the two of them. “And scantily clad… And sweaty. What’s going on?”

“Oh nothing, I just seduced Dad.”

“Oh really? How was that?”

“Awful, I just spent 20 minutes brushing my teeth, I still can’t get the, uh, taste out.”

“Then why did you do it? And why are you so happy?”

“Because it was worth it.”

“What, taking pride in pleasing your husband like a good wife?” She chuckled.

“You wish. It’s amazing what a man will do if you suck his- Well anyway, I’m smiling because I’m getting my revenge.”

“On who?”

“On you, for stealing my body and making me live your life. I’m getting back at you. You, YOUNG MAN, are going to military school. The hardest, toughest one in the country. They don’t even let you come home for summer. You’re already enrolled, exciting, huh?”

“Tyler, are you kidding me?”

“I thought I was Margaret? That’s what you told me when you said we weren’t switching back. I had a tough time accepting it. Do you know what torture it is sitting on the toilet with YOUR panties around my ankles, wiping YOUR ass?”

“Of course I do, it was my ass for 43 years.”

“Shut up, you know what I mean. You ruined my life, and now I’m happy that I’ve ruined yours.”

“I see.” Margaret said, fishing her wallet from her pocket and taking out a folded piece of parchment. “See this? This is the reversal spell. This is your ticket back into your body. See, I just wanted to scare you, make you think this was permanent. Your birthday’s coming up, I was going to give it to you.”


“But you treat me like this. I guess you want to stay a woman, for real this time. You like the idea of waking up every morning and strapping on a bra? Like painting your toe nails and being an office manager? Fine by me.” She said, going into the bathroom and locking the door.

“Mom! What are you doing?” Tyler asked, surprised and worried by this new revelation. Then he heard the toilet flushed.

“What did you- What did you do?”

“Flushed it. Ha, now they’re YOUR panties around your ankles and YOUR ass sitting on the toilet. Enjoy your husband, Margaret.”

“No, mom, WAIT. I’ll un-enroll you, I’m sorry! I didn’t know! I’ll stay as you for as long as it takes! I thought it was forever, just please tell me it’s not!”

“You can de-enroll me if you want, but it won’t change anything. Sorry, but I the reversal spell is gone. The only way to get your penis back just went spiraling down the drain.”

“Honey, can you come and help me with something… In the bedroom.” Tyler heard his father call from down the hall.

“Your new life awaits, MOM.” Margaret said. “And remember, this is all your fault.”
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