From good to better

I stifled a groan as the familiar sensation of the Role Exchanger began to change my body again. When I swapped ages with my sister, it wasn’t so bad. Being 16 instead of 20 just meant I could have another go at high school. But swapping genders with my neighbor was a whole new experience. I was suddenly a cute little teenage girl, a totally different person. My face was pretty, with a strong resemblance to young pictures of my beautiful grandmother. My boy’s haircut made me look a little like Audrey Hepburn I thought. My little breasts were a little disappointing, a full cup size smaller than my sister’s (who as a 20 year-old was now delighted to be a C-cup). Even so, it was a life I could get used to.

And for a month I did. I began the process of reclaiming my identity, picking the name Audrey as a joke to myself. But the Role Exchanger was not done with me. It was a Saturday and I was in the changing rooms of Forever 21, trying to pick out a nice top for summer. I had just taken off my sweater when it hit me. I closed my eyes and felt my short hair flow past my shoulders and down to my lower back. I blinked in the mirror. This was a great change! I swung it over my shoulder and winked in the mirror. I began to get dressed, ready to go home and show off my new look to my family.

And it hit again. This time there was no doubt where the changes were coming. My eyes closed, I brought my hands to my breasts as I felt them balloon. I began to moan as they pressed up against my now hopelessly undersized bra. The sensation continued for far longer than it had before. When it finally ceased, I opened my eyes. The girl that looked back at me was unrecognizable. I had spent a month getting to know that face in the mirror, but the woman who looked back was a bombshell. Her young features and clear skin hinted at her innocence but her enormous tits screamed sex goddess. I took off my bra and dropped in on the ground. Audrey was going to need a whole new wardrobe.


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