Derek tenderly stroked the pendant as it hang between his breasts. This was a pricey but exhilarating hobby he had developed. Ever since he had found the Medallion of Zulo, he had spent entire weekends as beautiful women whose clothes he managed to steal. But finding new ones was difficult. Once he found a certain auction website however, where underwear of the famous was sold, his addiction began to get out of hand. He had paid handsomely — more than he could rightfully afford — for the bra of Megan Fox. And he was frankly amazed that this one had turned out to truly be hers. The last two he bought had given him breasts but left the rest of his body unchanged: a sure sign the clothes were unworn.

He hefted his tits in the mirror and licked his lips. A tremor went through his spine as his nipples tightened. Pricey, yes, but irresistible.


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