A Wish Come True

Andrew had never quite been a tough guy. He was never really into sports, and for the most part grew up with girls as friends. He always felt more comfortable around them. As a result, Andrew was in touch with his feminine side. When Andre was 16, he realized he wanted to be a girl. He would cross dress when he was alone, and fantasize about being a woman. He loved women’s clothing, ranging from the heels to the dresses. He knew he would never have the money to get a real sex change, but he wished every night, asking that he could have a life as a woman, and that he would have always had that life as if his life as a boy never existed. He was too embarrassed to tell his friends and family his secrets. When Andrew was on his own, he bought women clothing and a silicon mask with sunglasses. This was as close as he could get to being a woman. This could only take him so far though. He knew his dream was never going to happen.

One evening, Andrew woke up after a nap. He felt different, and there was something wrong. He wasn’t even in his own bedroom. He was in some high rise in some city. He was too much in shock too notice that his hair was long, but he noticed something else when he got up. His chest felt different. He looked down and there were breasts! He ran to the mirror and stood there in awe. Wondering if this was a dream, he slapped himself in the face, but it was all real. Makeup and beauty projects were in the bathroom, and women’s clothing lied in the closet. He grabbed some cell phone , and it had pictures of his new self and some other girls out partying. A man then called. His name was Peter. Andrew answered the phone with a confused tone, and Andrew started speaking to him in a voice that was rather seductive. Peter called to let her know that their reservations for dinner were at 8 and that Peter will meet her there. He called Andrew Adriana. Andrew sat there trying to get his act together. As he sat there he remembered that he needed to call Jennifer to let her know that they can’t go to the club tonight. Andrew was confused as to how he suddenly remembered that even though he as only been in this body for a half an hour or so. What Andrew didn’t realize is that all of his thoughts and memories of his past life were quickly fading. His dream was coming true.

Andrew got dressed for the dinner and headed out for the date. Andrew, or shall we say Adriana, was quickly adapting into this life as if she had always lived this. The reason why is because this is her life. Never was there a boy who was madly in love with the idea of being a girl. Never was that boy who wished every night to be a girl. That life never existed. There was no Andrew. There was only Adriana, and quickly she forgot about Andrew, as she never knew he existed to start with.


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