Maybe if he kept staring at the mirror, something would happen. Something would fix all of this. He would wake up, or Amber would walk through the door and he would be back in his body and they could run off together like he always promised they would.

He kept staring. Into Amber’s eyes, those wonderful, hazel eyes he had lied to so many times. Was he sorry? Really? He searched his mind. It was impossible to tell. He regretted everything, certainly. He regretted that he had never told Amber about his family. She would have understood, if he could have found the right words. It was just an impossible situation. He regretted the way she found out. She was supposed to be in class, he had checked her schedule. What the hell was she doing at that restaurant for lunch anyway? He knew she couldn’t afford it. She could barely afford rent. That was half the reason she started dating him anyway — he knew that.

It was always so quiet in her apartment. He could hear his heart beating. Her heart. Their heart? No. His. She would be home by now. His home. That address he had kept secret for so long she had finally found. She knew all about Karen, and Lucas and little Annie. They would figure it out right away. She couldn’t fool his family! They knew him!

Didn’t they? Sure, things at home had been tough recently, but with work so busy he barely had time to sleep, let alone hang out with his family. Annie’s birthday was coming up, they would hang out then… or was it Lucas’s?

His vision was blurry as he stared into the mirror. His lip began to tremble. He was so, so sorry.


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