Next stop

Some people had been ready for the Great Shift for a long time.

Andy turned the music up on his phone, trying to drown out the loud drunk kids across the aisle of the bus. It was late and he was tired. Tired of buses. Tired of staying late after work. Tired of his dead end job. Tired of his life.

He sneaked a glance at the teenagers. No way any of them was a day older than seventeen. Two dumb looking jocks not even hiding their cans as they guffawed at some stupid joke. Two sloppy girls in tight dresses and too much make up, deep in some heavy gossip. And a fifth, sat behind them, clearly out of the conversation. Her tight blue dress showed off a fit girlish body, her legs crossed over each other and long as hell. Andy’s mouth hung open a little as he imagined what it would be like to walk around on those legs. Just as he realized he was staring, the girl stiffened suddenly and her eyes met his. Andy reddened and quickly brought his phone up to his face, but not before he saw her scowl and pull the hem of her dress down. He squeezed his eyes shut. He was such an idiot.

He heard a scream and opened them. The old Chinese woman at the front of the bus was shrieking and clutching at her arms. And so was the middle-aged black man behind her. And suddenly there was yelling everywhere and people jumping out of their seats. Half the bus was hysterical and the other half was confused. And then Andy realized something: he had moved. He heard a shout to his right and saw something that he couldn’t process properly: it was him. He saw himself stand up and grab at his own crotch, looking frantically around. As he gazed blankly, trying to comprehend what he was seeing, he noticed that his lips tasted like cherries. He licked them again. They were soft and bigger than they should be. He looked down at his lap and almost lost his breath. Two slender, bare thighs, one crossed over the other, led his eyes up to a blue hem. He ran his hands over them — girlish hands with matching blue nails. It clicked into place. He slowly looked up to his old body, to his old life. Whoever it was now was staring at him, tears in his eyes. Andy licked his lips again and blew a kiss. Next stop was his.


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