Best time of day

Colin lay spread out on the bed, watching the morning sunlight make patterns across his wall. Ever since the wish, this had become his favorite moment of the day. He rolled to his side and nuzzled his face into the silky golden hair that lay out on the pillow beside him. Its smell aroused him. Alexis’s smell. His smell. He felt his nipples prick up and brought his hands up to play with them, giggling as he did so. The wish had not gone the way he had planned, but nothing he could have imagined could stack up to this. He had wanted to be close to Alexis, to understand her, so that he could win her heart himself. Well, he certainly had it now, along with the rest of her cardiovascular system. He squeezed at his boobs and kneaded his nipples, something that at four months in was losing none of its appeal. What would he wear today? Judging from the sunlight it was going to be hot again. His denim cut-offs maybe? And a tight vest. He sat up, pulling the blanket up to cover his chest and looked out the window. The weather looked perfect. Absolutely perfect.


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