A waking dream

‘Alice? No… Emma? Stacey? No that’s not right at all.’

Tom could not for the life of him remember whose reflection he now looked at in the mirror. The girl was familiar but he couldn’t put a finger on who she was. Who he was now. This was becoming a common problem for Tom. Every night before he went to bed he knew he ran the risk of waking up as someone else. The dreams were hard to remember, and even trickier to explain but they always ended in one way: waking up in his bed in a new female body, one which he had desired in the past.

Maybe it was Alice. She looked great now, whoever she was. He remembered her vaguely from high school, a girl a few grades below him, beautiful and well-developed for her age. But she had grown up to be even more gorgeous. He brushed his hair out his face, knowing he only had until his next sleep to enjoy this body. He smiled and began to remove his boxers. He wouldn’t be getting much work done today.


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