Too soon

“Perfect” Billy said completing his outfit. Looking in the mirror a smile appeared on his face seeing the pretty girl in the reflection. Humming cheerfully his favorite song Billy went to the kitchen to have some breakfast before leaving to school. As he got into the Kitchen Billy noticed his mom was giving him a surprised look.

“Good morning mom” Billy smiled and opened the fridge. “Are you going to wear that?” Billy’s mom asked. “What? It’s not revealing” Billy said looking down at his clothes. “I mean it’s a little bit too… Girly” She said. Billy’s mom didn’t have anything against that her son is wearing girly clothes, after all he was a girl since he swapped bodies with his classmate Stacy. However she thought it may be too soon for him to wear that and she was worried about Stacy’s reaction when she sees Billy enjoying being her.

“But mom, every girl dress up like that, I just want to fit in” Billy whined. Billy’s mom wanted her son to be happy. She knew that this might help him to be accepted but still the real Stacy was not over the whole body swap thing and she might feel bad about Billy taking over her life like this. “Sweetie, I want the best for you, but think about poor Stacy” His mom looked him deeply into his eyes. “But mooom” Billy whined again. “Billy I’m not forcing you to wear anything It’s just too soon for Stacy to see you like this.” She said gently stroking his hair. “Ok…” Billy sighed and went back to his room to change his clothes.

He was really dissapointed. He was really hoping to show himself at school dressed up like this. Since he could remember he always wanted to be a girl. He wanted to dress up in cute clothes, he wanted to hang out with other girls and he wanted boys to adore his look. Swapping bodies with Stacy was like a dream come true but it looks like Billy will have to wait a little bit longer for it to really become true. For now he will have to pass with the outfit he spend so much time to chose and change to some plain jeans and t-shirt. At least until Stacy accepts the fact that this body is no lenger hers.


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