Girl’s dormitory

David and his sister Gina attended a private boarding school. Each day after dinner, they walked toward the dormitory buildings and then had to turn and go separate ways: she to her dorm, and he to his.

“Gina, I’m just wondering,” David mused one day. “What goes on the the girl’s dorm?”

Gina cocked her head and giggled. “Well, the usual, you know: study and play. What goes on the boy’s dorm?”

“I dunno, Sis, the same old boring studying and pranking and monkeying around, I guess. Life’s pretty uneventful in the guy’s dorm. I just wondered if girls do anything special,” David said.

“You really wanna know?” Gina asked, getting a playful gleam in her eyes. David nodded. “Okay, then I’ll ask for permission from our sorority sister to let you in!” she said, prancing off toward the girl’s dorm. “G’nite, Bro!”

“Nite, Sis,” David said, going to his room. The next morning, David awoke to the strange sensation of dampness and something rubbing and sliding on and around and…into…his nether region. Wait, INTO?! He opened his eyes and gasped when he saw the smiling face of his sister’s classmate Veronica. “Wha—” he began to ask, trying to sit up.

Veronica pushed him down and started French kissing him. “Shh,” she whispered, “David, we don’t want to wake the Headmistress. Now, your sister Gina told me you were curious about what we girls do in here, so I’ve cast a spell to let you temporarily borrow the body of my roommate Becky. She’s still inside, but dormant; she can see and feel everything—and don’t worry, she likes it. Now let me guide you in the secret pleasures of womanhood, David. You wanna know what we girls do? We do each other,” Veronica said, rubbing faster.

“Mmmm,” David moaned softly in Becky’s voice. Veronica’s ministrations were making him extremely wet down there. His legs began to pulse in time with hers as she worked Becky’s pussy. “Oh! Oh!” he exclaimed, reaching his first climax. Then he felt another one building and started to giggle.

The girl’s dormitory really was more fun, David decided. He’d have to ask his sister about visiting more often.


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