Stupid Gnome

“Gahhh I hate these clothes,” Anna muttered to herself. “Bad enough I have to wear sexy clothes, but they also have to be super pink and girly.”

“Then again, I do look super cute in these leggings. And that guy back there totally stared at my butt.”

“Gahhh, no, I have to fight those thoughts. Stupid female brain.”

Kyle had been a city boy who’d been forced to go hiking with his girlfriend last week. Kyle hated nature. No clean bathrooms, so much sweat, and so many mosquitos. When he had been stung by a bee too, that had been it for Kyle. He left his girlfriend to finish that hike while he headed back to the car (and AC). On the way back though, he got lost. Frustrated, he’d kicked a tree. How was he supposed to know a gnome lived in that tree!?

When the gnome came out to give Kyle a piece of his mind, Kyle jumped back out of instinct and blurted, “Ahh hideous!”

“Oh, all ya care about is looks is it? Well then maybe you’d like the best look fo them all!”

With that the gnome snapped his fingers and everything went blank. While Kyle woke up, he was in someone else’s bed and with breasts too! Kyle was now Anna, a fiitness instructor/model who was drop-dead gorgeous.

All week, Kyle struggled with what to do. He tried putting on boyish clothes, but those always warped into some hot pink outfit. He tried to contact his girlfriend, but when he got her on the line, all he could talk about was shoes and threesomes.

Each day, he was becoming more girly. He finally decided to make it back into the woods to find the damn gnome. The only problem was that he couldn’t find the gnome! And as he spent hours wandering the woods, he furthered descended into Anna…

1 hour later

“Hmm, what was I doing here again? Looking for some tree or something? That sounds boring. I should get back to the city. But, before I do, I wonder if I can find sme hunk to take me right here in the woods. Sex in nature would be so hawt. Maybe I’ll find the guy who was checking out my ass….”


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