Not this again

“Damn it! Again?” Luke groaned as he felt the throbbing pain in his head. The sight of a nice pair of breasts in the morning could make a man happy, but not Luke since these were his breasts. Luke was a shapeshifter but he couldn’t control his powers so he never used them. From time to time his powers could get out of control, turning him into a various diffirent forms. Luke had to stay focused all the time but it was really hard when he was drunk. Yesterday he went out drinking with his friends. He had a little bit to much and his powers got out of control again, transforming him into a hot woman. It happened few times before after he got wasted and everytime it was hard to change back. Once he had spend two months as a teenage girl before he managed to change back. It looked like Luke will have a lot of work if he wants to be a guy again.
He tried to focus but the flashbacks from the night were disturbing. Suddenly he realized that he just slept with his best friend. First he purposely let his power take over and changed into a girl to prove his friends he werent crazy. Then he started to seduce his friend Mike. It was just for fun and to tease him but later everything got out of control because of the alcohol and Luke ended up having sex with Mike. He felt a great shame for doing it. There was no time to waste, he had to change fast. This time however something was not right. No matter how hard he tried there wasnt even a slight change, it looked like his powers were gone. Later he discovered the horrible truth. It appears he got pregnant after the night with Mike. Now he was stuck for nine months until the baby is born and Luke knew it wont be an easy task.


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