Streaming done right

‘See, it’s not that hard to gain viewers when you work with the assets god gave you’, Liam thought to himself, currently inside Mei’s body.

Mei was a new streamer who wanted to become famous with explaining mathematics and science stuff and she was honestly pretty good in that. But apart of sometimes 20 people, and that was on a good day, nobody was really interested in her channel.
So Liam, always ready to help people out, decided to help her gain viewers and wrote that in the live chat. Mei was really happy to read that, but didn’t know what he could do to help her.
Unfortunately for her, he knew a way to jump into the body of others.

While she was explaining science stuff, the few viewers suddenly saw her expression goin blank for a second, before it returned with a big smile on her pretty face. Instead of continuing to explain the subject, she slowly began to slide her hands under her top and bra and began to grope her full breasts with her dainty hands, recurrently pushing them into a deep cleavage while licking her soft lips in lust.
Soon she began to moan softly as she watched the viewing counter slowly going up.
By the time she pulled of her top and sat there in only her bra and panties, the viewing count was at 2000 viewers, more than she had since the beginning of her channel in total.
Now Liam, accessing her memories, continued to explain the subject, while he seductively caressed her soft petite body for a while, then unclasped her bra behind her back and letting it slip down on the floor.
At that moment the counter was on more than 10.000 viewers and he decided that it was now time to jump out, to let her enjoy the fame on her own.

Needless to say, that she was more than surprised at what just happened with the viewing counter and why she was sitting almost naked in front of the monitor with moist lips and a damp feeling in her crotch…


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