Morningly body theft

“Does it look like im still a man?” Matt asked rhetorically, as he grabbed the big boobs on his new chest to shake them fouriously while leaning towards the camera of his new laptop.

Matt was a victim of a body snatcher who was currently on a tour in his hometown.
During his morningly workout routine in the local park, his eyes randomly wandered around as he spotted a knockout of a woman, jogging in nearly nothing but tight yoga pants and a skimpy white top, wich by the way did nothing to keep her tits from bouncing wildly up and down.
Much to his suprise and pleasure, she seemed to head directly towards him. As she approached him, his eyes wandered up and down her curvy body, absorbing every detail of her sensual form: Brunette hair, worn open and resting on her shoulders, trim waist, nice round ass, adorable face with a sexy smile and of course that generous cleavage with the nipples poking trough the fabric of the top.
What seemed off to him, were the poor choice of clothes for jogging (her breasts even slipped out two times while he watched her) and that she was totally out of breath although she didn’t run fast.
‘Seems like it’s her first time jogging’, he thought and shrugged it off, enjoing the view.
Now as she was nearly by him, she asked breathless: “Hey there, do you mind if i take your body?” Dumbfounded by this question he watched her coming closer and pressing her body, mostly her breasts of course, against his chest, locking her arms around his neck and giving him a long and wet kiss on the lips which he returned by pushing his tongue in her mouth. In that moment he felt his world spinning and when he regained consciousness again he suddenly felt out of breath, a tongue was deep inside his mouth alongside a disgusting taste, his arms were wrapped tightly around someone and it felt like his upper body rested on soft but heavy pillows as his body was pressed against… himself! Shocked, he pushed himself away, falling on his new bubble butt, looking upwards into his old eyes.
“Mhhhhmm delicious, I will miss this body for sure”, his former body said as it tasted the tasty female saliva with the flavor of his favourite brand on his tongue. “She was an eye candy for sure, I really enjoyed her body. Let’s say her reputation isn’t as good as it was before I was in her and have fun with the nicotine addiction I gave her. But with knockers like these, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a job at Hooters, or in the porn industry”, his former body mocked Matt.
“Besides, don’t mind coming back to your apartment, I won’t let you in and will call the cops. Look in the small pocket of your pants, there you will find your new ID and a key. Enjoy your new life ‘Jennifer’.” And with that, Matt’s former self turned around and left him there on his own.
He felt his new eyes watering up, probably caused from this bodies hormones. With all his willpower left, he decided to walk to the address he found on Jennifer Miller’s ID card, holding his boobs in his hands the whole time from bouncing around.

As he arrived there, he saw her laptop open near the entrance and decided to call his best buddy via his Skype account.
There he ‘presented’ his situation quite clearly, but Matt, now Jennifer, wouldn’t get the help she was thinking about. Instead she would loose her best friend and would gain a best fuck buddy, who was eager to help her out as often as she wanted.


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