MateMakers: Daring

“Daring.” The word was spoken straight into my mind the moment the hood was taken off, the very well built woman standing in front of my shooting me a look of determination that sent shudders through my body.

Without so much as another word, she turned around and looked up the cliff wall, glancing back my way as I drank in her perfect beauty. I knew what had been done to me, I could feel it in the moist warmth between my legs, in the shudder as every inch of my lithe figure. Nothing about me was in any way like it used to be.

But as I looked at the woman grab hold of the rock wall and begin to climb, my eyes fell unto the perfect roundness of her bottom, the unadulterated perfection of her muscles, and the daunting sense of absolute madness within her as she climbed up and up and up without so much as breaking a sweat.

I froze in place, heart beating a mile a minute, unable to take my eyes off of her, desiring her more and more with every passing second. The very knowledge I would’ve still found her attractive even before the change only causing my nipples to harden further. I practically glared at her shorts, mad at the fact they were there obstructing the view, as if they taunted me to take them off of her.

The goddess halted in her ascent as she turned to look down at me, a broad grin on her lips. “Are you coming Lissie?”

The name seared into my mind and I felt everything around me just… *click*. I approached the wall, looking at its near sheer surface and then upwards to the siren calling at me. My heart raced faster and I licked my lips, certain it was partially due to the one going upwards waiting for me, and at the same time because of the daunting task that stood before me.

I was being tested, would I be worthy of her?

AN: What do you want the next catalyst word to be? (Already used: Daring, Domestic, Timid, Submission, Desire)


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