MateMakers: Timid

I stood anxiously in the room, eyes flickering towards the door every now and again, wondering if this had been a good decision. I wasn’t even sure if this was a place he belonged at all! Just a look at the furniture around me made the me feel painfully out of place. Just the sofa he was sitting on was probably worth over a year of rent!

“Relax.” The smartly dressed woman spoke reassuringly from her seat as she sipped at her whisky. “Or you’ll spoil my gift.”

“I… um… not that I…” The words die out on my throat slightly, trying to find the proper way to express myself. “I don’t think Nathan…”

Her eyes raise to meet my own and I freeze on the spot. “A bit late for that.” She replied, tone having only an edge that made me shudder. “We’re way past the point of no return, you already accepted my offer after all.”

To be rid of my nightmare forever. Who wouldn’t have jumped at the opportunity? To never again have to endure HIS taunts and instead… sure, it sounded surreal at the time, but… “I mean… isn’t it expensive or something? Illegal?” It was a bit too obvious by now that it was a bit too late to think about that.

“As I said, a gift.” She leisurely returned to reading whatever it was that was in her datapad.

“But why me?” The question left my lips before I could stop it. Why had this strange, mysterious, and clearly VERY rich woman made this offer to me? How had she learnt about me in the first place? Who was she?

There was a twinkle in her eyes as she grinned at me, and for a split second I swear the gesture rung a bell somehow, of someone I’d known years ago, I just couldn’t quite… “I was feeling charitable, and you just so happened to be the first person I found.”

Before I say anything else, the door opens and in walk three people. Two burly amazonian women dressed in male business suits that were far too constraining in every way possible, and what was definitely a woman held between the two, black silken bag over her head, allowing my eyes to fall upon her perfectly exposed breasts and jeans.

“Ma’am.” The two guards shift the clearly futilely struggling female to face my host, but she quickly waves a refusal and instead they turn towards me. “State the catalyst, please.” They call out.

“You motherfucking ass-licking- ugh.” The dainty female voice from the middle woman absolutely did not fit with the words that were spewing out of her mouth. And she was quickly silenced as one of the guards pressed some sort of gun with keyboard thingy to the back of the sack.

“Thomas.” The business woman called out my name for the first time even though she’d never asked for it, her eyes met mine fiercely as if her following words were of the utmost importance. “I want you to imagine the one that caused you the most harm, imagine that you could rewrite him, rewrite his whole being, but only with a single word. Say that word.”

I nod at her statement, trying to make sense of it, eyes flickering at the woman with the silk bag over her head. I gulp, imagining the laughs and taunts and shoves, I try to think of the one word that would’ve undone all that, and many come to mind, but one sticks out as I see how small this half-naked woman is in comparison to the guards, how… fragile and almost defenceless despite even the clear bravado hidden underneath.


One of the guards nods, fiddles with the metal thing, and the hood is off as they step back. My eyes meet with the intense ferocious and angry emerald green of this strange woman that was brought here. Realisation crosses them as she focuses on me, anger turning to shock, then fear. She visibly recoils backwards, completely unable to look away from me in just the same way I can’t look away from her stunning beauty.

“You’re naked.” The nameless businesswoman called out with a taunting tone, drawing the attention of the newest stranger but only for a second. “And he likes it that way.”

The half-naked woman’s eyes look back at my own and she blushes, her face encased between the dark golden locks of her hair, she becomes tense in a clear attempt to cover herself up, but freezes. Hands becoming fists in a struggle to fight her embarrassment, she lowers them to her hips, so clearly trying to hold them there as she can no longer look me in the eye. I feel my own face heat up with some anxiousness at the gesture.

“C-Could you…” Her voice comes out barely whispered, shaking and meek. “Could you please give me a name?”

A brief moment of stunned silence follows, my eyes return to the business woman and she smirks in a way that just screams she’d been expecting this moment from the beginning. I gulp, not certain of just what’s going on anymore, so I take my jacket and throw it over this enticingly beautiful fragile woman’s shoulders, almost compelled to stick to her side and reassure her in some manner. “M-May…”

She raises her gaze to meet my own again, eyes filled with gratitude as she hugs me close, face buried against my chest with a blush that practically carried all the way to her shoulders. “Thank you.” May whispered. “Thank you so much, Thomas.” She breathlessly added, naked breasts firmly pressed against my chest, making my overly hormonal body to begin a most natural response.

There’s an ‘eep’ from May as she most definitely feels it, and now we’re both blushing harder.

Yet, to my surprise, she doesn’t lean away, rather, she pulls herself closer to me, and as she clearly fights a losing battle against herself, she once more meets my eyes squarely. And hidden behind the embarrassment I see something I’d never thought I’d see in the eyes of a woman so perfect as she was: she wanted me.

Without thought, my lips met with hers, shyly at first, hotly a second after, and she melts into my grasp as if there was nothing else in this world she’d want more than to be in my arms.

We never even realised we’d already been left alone.

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