Stuck in the past. End part 1 of 2

“Huh? I’m alive” Scott thought staring at the ceeling. He remembered vanishing then darkness and now he is laying somewhere, but where? Scott thought that maybe the whole time travel was a dream and now he woke up in his room but the ceeling was somehow diffirent. Scott rised his hands and looked at them. They were real, he didn’t vanish. One thing was confusing about his hands. Why his nails were painted light blue? Scott rose a bit leaning on his arms when something fell on his face. Scott cleared his view and noticed it was hair. Long blonde hair. “Wait a minute” Scott said immidiately noticing his voice was girly. He quickly got up on his feet. Looking down he saw he was wearing a pink camisole on thin straps. He peeked under it and saw a pair of small perky breasts. Looking down further he saw a pair of pink panties. When he reached his hand he found out that he is no longer a boy. Terrified Scott took a small mirror and saw his reflection. He really was a girl, a cute teenage girl. “What is going on here?” Scott was confused.

He left the room to inspect the house he was now in. He heard some noise in the kitchen so he went there. In the kitchen was his father, eating breakfast and reading a newspaper. He looked at Scott and smiled. “Morning sweetie” Next to the sink was a woman preparing something. She wasn’t his mom but Scott felt like she was a very close person. “My god Scottie you’re still not dressed up? Go get ready quickly or else you will get late” The woman said. Scott stood frozen in place. This whole thing was confusing. Who was she, why his dad acted like nothing happened and why Scott was a girl. “Scottie listen to your mom” His dad said not taking his eyes from the newspaper. Scott turned around and went back to the room he woke up in. Somehow he knew where everything was, like he was living here for a long time. “Could it be?” Scott thought putting the pieces together.
While taking a shower Scott came to the only reasonable conclusion. Martin changed the course of time meaning Scott’s father never met Laura and married another woman. This caused Scott to be born difirently, as a girl named Scottie. In this timeline he never met Martin and never found the machine that’s why he vanished from the school when Martin kissed Chad. But where was Martin now? Was he still Laura Thomas or he also was transported back to these times? The question bothered Scott as he dressed up but since there was no way to find out he decided to focus on this new reality. It was awkward for Scott to find himself in a girl’s body but at least he didn’t cease to exist. Scott decided to think positively and at least enjoy the fact he’s still alive.

After a few weeks Scott’s memories about the time machine were becoming weaker. He remembered less details of being a boy until all of them dissapered. Scottie was now a normal and happy teenage girl


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