“Holy shit, Kenny- Your swimsuit! It’s so-” Jake said after I stripped off my shirt and shorts.

“Girly? Yeah, I noticed.”

“Is it… comfortable?”

“Does it look comfortable?”

“Well I don’t know. I wouldn’t fit into it, but I still have a dick and balls.” He joked.

I snapped back, “No shit? Must be nice!”

“Relax, I’ll stop. But it is… Pink.”

“Trust me, it wasn’t my choice. You know my parents, they’re on this “Immersion therapy” kick after my second puberty. My life is a fucking barbie movie. Now I finally get some time away from them on this camping trip with you guys, and I’d really like it if we could just pretend I was still one of the guys?”

“… Sorry, I didn’t hear a word you said.” He said, his eyes transfixed on my chest.

“Ugh, you prick. Try not to stare at my ass on the way back to the campsite.”

“No wait, come back! If you want to take your swimsuit off we wouldn’t mind!” He cackled. I felt myself become flustered. I knew he was just busting my balls, but now that I’d lost mine, I’d felt like an outcast. My plan now is to drink enough to tolerate it.
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