Why won’t you listen?

Just because I look like your girl Stephanie does not mean I am!

Sam screamed at the dirty little man who was now claiming to be her pimp and trying to force him to work the street.

Sam just could not get the man to understand about the great shift and what it had done to everybody.

He tried his best to get the man to understand that even though he was looking at Stephanie’s gorgeous body there was now a 25 year old man in control.

But no matter what Sam said this man was determined to make him go hustling.

The man just told Sam that body owed him a good deal of money and that he did not care about the great shift or that it had put a man inside of it.

He told Sam until the Debt was paid off that piece of ass belonged to him no matter who was inside of it as he pulled out a flick knife and told Sam to get out there and make some money.

Which Sam reluctantly did being frightened of the man.

But at the first opportunity of getting away he did and ran for all that his new life was worth.


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