Pranked (series 2)

I know I have a sister. I remember always having a sister, but somehow, I remember I used to have an older brother named James too. I remember the day everything changed perfectly, I was about to enter James bedroom, when I found my sister Kim naked touching herself. “Close the door stupid” she said. I was surprised to see my sister there, in my brother’s bedroom. I was even more surprised no one else seemed to bother. When I asked my parents about my brother James, they said I never had a brother.

One day I confronted my sister, I asked her if she remembered James. She smiled, “I remember James better than anyone, but I am glad he’s gone”. I was happy to know I wasn’t losing my mind, “Great! you can tell our parents about him!” I said. “Oh no, I will deny everything. Apart from you and I, no one remembers him”. I was mad, howcome she didn’t want anybody to know anything about James. Did she kill him or something? I started walking slowly towards the door, I was scared of my sister.

“Hey catch” she said while throwing something pink at me. I didn’t catch it, but it did hit me in the face. I don’t know what it was, but I felt the need to masturbate. I unzipped my pants and grabbed my thing and started going at it. I didn’t even care my sister was there. It wasn’t enought, I wanted something else. “Why don’t you take a lick?” my sister said while handing me a pink dildo. I couldn’t believe I was actually thinking about licking a dildo. But I didn’t hesitate, as soon as she put the thing infront of my face, I took a big long lick of it. It tasted really good.

What happened next, was unexpected for me. It took mere seconds, and it wasn’t painfull at all, actually, it was quite orgasmic. I transformed into a blonde bimbo. Boobs exploded out of my chest. My body hair just evaporated. I felt my thing retract into my own body. I still remember my voice changing from deep to high pitched while I said “This feels so gooood”. I started to feel my mind fade away. I used to be a perfect student, but somehow I felt dumber by the minute.

I continued by fingering myself. But again, it wasn’t enough, I wanted more. My sister, grabbed the dildo, and said “This is now your choice, you can try to not shove the dildo inside of you, and you’ll be back to your former male self in 24 hours, or you can…” she wasn’t even finished talking when I grabbed the dildo from her hands, shoving it inside my wet pussy. At last everything felt right. I kept on shoving it up and down, moaning like a crazy bimbo. My sister sat on my right, watching how accepted my newself.

After I had cum, she asked me “So, do you want to know what happened to James?”. I used to be smart, for sure I could have figured it out, but I had transformed into a dumb bimbo, so I just giggled. “I dunno, but I don’t care sis. All I know I just want a hunk of a boyfriend” I said. “Ok Kat” she said, “and don’t worry, no one will remember John”. “Who’s John?” I asked.


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