The not so lucky (pranked 11)

Here I am, rubbing my clit against the chair’s arm. I can’t believe that last night I was a man, and I was at a party looking for a girl to score. I had no luck, but when I got home, I found a pink dildo inside my jacket. I don’t know who was the clown that left it there. And worst of all, it was even wet, “my jacket is ruined” I said outloud. I left my jacket on a chair, and went to sleep. In the morning, I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I had forgotten about the “little present” inside my jacket. So I picked it up, and by mistake touched the still wet dildo.

I felt discusted, but that didn’t last long, I was horny, I started rubbing one out. My parents weren’t home, and my sister is still asleep, so I hope she won’t hear me fapping. Somehow, it wasn’t enough, I needed more, “maybe licking the wet dildo might help” I thought, it was something I wouldn’t have done if I had been thinking straight, but right now, all I wanted was to cum. After taking a lick, I felt as my body changed, it took a couple of seconds, but I was now a blonde horny girl. I even felt like one.

I ripped my shirt open, revealing some really hot breasts. I was thinking about shoving the dildo inside me, but it was right then, that my sister saw what I was doing. “Al! stop!” she yelled. She grabbed the dildo out of my hands, using a towel, I didn’t know at the time, but she was being carefull not to touch it. “Give it to me!” I yelled. But she said no, “but I need it!!!” I kept yelling.

I don’t know what she did to the dildo, but I never saw it again. “I have to cum! I must have sex, being bimbo! I like!” I couldn’t even form a sentence. I got on a chair, and started rubbing my clit against the chair’s arm. I have been doing this for more than an hour, and I haven’t been able to stop. My sister used that time to explain what was going on. If I don’t have sex while being a woman, after 24 hours of transforming, I will revert back to my old self.

I asked her how she knew all that, she told me she used to be a man, and that the dildo transformed her too. She wasn’t so lucky, no one told her anything, so she shoved the dildo right inside of her. That sealed the deal, she became a bimbo. She still doesn’t know how, but one day, she stopped being a bimbo, and became a normal again. Still a girl, but normal. “Just wait it out, I promise you will go back” she said. The truth, is I didn’t want to go back, I wanted to be a bimbo, but I pretended to agree “thanks Amy” I told her.

I am just waiting for her to get distracted. At that moment I will run away. I know a couple of guys on campus that would gladly sleep with me, and that way I will seal the deal. I bimbo I must be.


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