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Still learning

I’m still learning how to cope with my huge tits, They are fun to have around but they do come with a few disadvantages. For instance, I’m still figuring out how contain them when I run without having to hold on to them and looking like an attention seeking bimbo. LOL Read more

Instant girlfriend

Long time friends Richard and Lance were hanging out a the park one day.
“Hey Richard, I put a serum in your beer that is going to turn you into my girlfriend” Read more

Keeping him entertained

Gina had a lot of paper work to get done but her boyfriend wouldn’t stop pestering her for sex, he never could get enough of her glorious tits. So she swapped bodies with him and she was able to work uninterrupted for several hours while he played with her boobs and watched a game.
When Gina finished the paperwork she invited her bi-sexual girlfriend Mindy over and and let her fool around with her ‘boyfriend’ for a while. Then Gina took took both of them into the bedroom and fucked their brains out with her boyfriends body.
Later that night Gina swapped bodies back with her boyfriend as he slept and when he woke up the next morning he didn’t remember a thing

Tee time?

“Good morning, honey” I said
“What are you going to do today?” ask my wife as she readied herself for work
“I’m golfing with a few of my buddies”
“You are not going to screw around while I work my butt off” she snapped
“We’ve made the reservation, I have to go” I protested
“We’ll see about that” and with a wave of her hand she turned me into a voluptuous dark haired woman”
“That’s not fair, you know I’ve been looking for a job, it’s just one day of golf”
“I’m not discussing this any further” she stated in annoyance
“All right” Read more

Bored Cam Girl

I thought being a cam girl would be easier than this, actually I assumed that being a girl would be easier in general. I’ve got a few good tips from Big_Dog36 but it’s gone quiet again so I’ll just wave my pussy around. Yeah- here I am just waving my lady parts at all the perverts with their hands in their pants, well maybe they’re not perverts, but they are pretty stingy tonight . Some bitch with huge boobs and a great smile is sucking all the air out of this lousy site. Read more

A Walk In The Park

My friend Tyson and I were walking in a park one afternoon when we entered into a strange, bright, shimmering, almost liquid light filtering through the trees. Tyson had been droning on about comic books in his typical ,obsessive, boring way and as we entered this light I found myself wishing that he was a beautiful, brunette with big boobs instead.
Then I heard a gasp and a muffled squeal and turned back to see a beautiful, brunette with big boobs stand in my friends place and giving me a strange look. Her shirt sleeves were now to long for her much smaller frame and her large breasts were stretching the fabric to its limits causing her nipples to be clearly visible. Read more

The Boyfriend Experience

Rodger was in Vegas to celebrate his friend Hunter’s birthday with some buddies. He wanted to get his friend laid so he called the number on one of those flyers offering ‘dates’ with attractive women. He ordered the “boyfriend experience” asking for a classy, elegant, curvy brunette. “No problem” said the representative we’ll send someone to meet you in the lobby. Read more

Tropical Trade

My girlfriend and I had switched bodies for the first time last weekend a dream come true for both of us. We were both in our early twenties . I was tall, in good shape and reasonably good looking, but my girlfriend was gorgeous, with a body that has actually made straight women blush. We had rented a house built on beach of a beautiful cove in Tahiti, located on a private island so we had complete privacy. Read more

No trespassing

I just woke up to find a dick on my boob. But I don’t have boobs and I don’t want a dick anywhere near my face so I must be dreaming. Except that the man with the dick on my boobs was telling me that I shouldn’t have trespassed on his property last night. as he took a picture of me. Read more