You Lose Bitch – You’re Screwed

A new court TV program on MetPix is sweeping the country having run up amazing numbers overnight…..

The first case is between neighbors, some boring property line issue involving a fence. The defendant is a balding,middle aged man and the plaintiff is a much younger man in his late twenties. Each man is wearing a very thin tee shirt and what looked something like boxer shorts.

‘Before we begin” said the judge, a very attractive woman in her forties ” Both parties have agreed to and signed the settlement terms” both men nod in agreement “And you are aware that the decision is finale and will be enforced for 24 hours from the judgment” and again both men agreed.

“Okay, let’s get started” said the judge
So each man stated his case and the judge asked a few questions, the men were obviously angry with each other. Finally the judge said ” I’m ready to make my decision” and raised her gavel dramatically ” My judgement is for the………….” Bang!! as she banged her gavel down with authority. There was a loud pop and a blue flash and standing at the table on the defendant’s side was a very confused looking ,beautiful, brunette with an amazing body and spectacular breasts jutting out under her tee shirt – nipples clearly on display.

The studio audience gasped and one woman muffled a scream.

“The plaintiff. obviously” said the judge with a laugh, She turned to the ‘defendant’ you agree to date the plaintiff for 24 hours” she asked the woman “Yes” she said enthusiastically, looking over at the plaintiff.

“Well why don’t you and the plaintiff go into the green room and get acquainted” said the judge

So the two entered the room and the girl was all over the plaintiff, completely uninhibited and overcome with desire.
“Screw me” she said “Fuck me now -right here” pointing to the couch as she attempted to remove his pants.
The plaintiff not realizing the cameras were still on threw her on the couch and said “don’t ever fuck with me again, you stupid bastard” as he pounded her from behind. “Okay, but what are you talking about” cried the girl. When he was done he ordered the girl to put on her clothes and told her that he was taking her home and that he expected her to cook dinner for him.

A camera crew followed them for the next 24 hours and returned the defendant to the production studio were he was change back and had no recollection of what transpired the previous day. Until the show was aired a few weeks later……….


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